The care of God

“You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle.” Psalm 56.8 (ESV)

If we are ever tempted to think that God does not care about the things that we are going through, this verse brings us up short.  The very picture of our tears being stored up in a bottle is an image of tenderness and care that is beyond our comprehension.

It might cause you to question – if he cares so much why doesn’t he do something about it?  There are many ways of approaching this particular question and one is connected to the way we regard prayer.  Rather than taking the attitude mentioned above and questioning God’s apparent lack of action, we would do well to catch his tenderness – and indeed his pain – at our suffering.

The image of God storing up your tears implies they are valuable to him – something precious that he does not take lightly.  Perhaps before you begin to pray about some of the issues that hurt you, you should seek to catch his heart for you and what you are going through.  This insight may well change the way you pray.

One thought on “The care of God

  1. Reena Maskey

    My god! i was going thru the same last evening and crying a lot. God spoke to me to be good and strong but i was unable to hear him. However, with the company of my kids i could forget all the hurts/pains/sufferings and started building faith on god again. I ask god again to forgive me for being so negative and down, ready to give up life as I could not see hope to move ahead. Please keep me strong my dear lord.

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