God shines forth

‘…God shines forth.’ Psalm 50.2

There are occasions when we need to know this.  Our lives can vacillate between times when we really can believe in the presence and love of Jesus and other times when he seems utterly distant and our experience of him is minimal.  These three simple words tell us that whatever our feelings might be, God is shining forth; light is coming from him and change is happening because of him.  How can we put this faith into practice?

In one sense we don’t have to put anything into practice: if God is indeed shining, then he will do so whether or not we are conscious of it.  Increasing our awareness of him continually shining forth is for our own benefit, as it will bring peace and increase our confidence when things in life seem quite bleak.

One of the simplest ways to begin to increase your awareness of God’s presence is to whisper the name of Jesus – in other words, to talk to him.  He is with you in all his gentleness but also as the light of the world, and to be able to hold on to his light in the darkness is everything.

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