You are beautiful

‘Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honour him, for he is your lord.’ Psalm

This is a very challenging verse because it requires us to have an awareness of our beauty as we stand before God, whereas most of the time we are more aware of our unworthiness, sin and failings.  None of us is perfect; we all do things that we know are wrong and assume that this is what God sees and that it must be pretty unattractive to him.  However, we are missing the fact that God is looking at more than this.

First he is looking at someone whom he loves; the Bible tells us that he loves us so much that he gave Jesus for us.  He didn’t only love us when Jesus had taken away our sins, but he loved us when we were at our most sinful – even then there was something about us that attracted him.  There is even more!  The second thing about us that he finds attractive is his own presence that he has placed within us.  If we were loved before he touched us, we are astoundingly beautiful now that we shine with him.

Take a moment to sit before God.  Don’t bow your face but lift it to him as if he were right in front of you.  Have the courage to let him gaze upon your beauty.

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