When we are weak

‘Blessed are those who have regard for the weak;’ Psalm 41.1

There are many similar phrases in the Bible which encourage us to reach out and help those in need, and when we do this we are called blessed.  Perhaps the reason we are blessed when we care for others is that we find that our hearts are acting in tune with God’s heart.

This simple truth is also lovely in the way that it reveals that God himself has a heart for those who are weak – and so often that includes us.  At times when we are feeling less strong than we would like – maybe when our prayer times seem a little lacking, the words of the Bible wash over us, we feel spiritually dull or have given into temptation – we rather assume that God has moved away or that he is waiting for us to pick ourselves up and get going again.  This is simply untrue.  If we are to have regard for the weak, it is because God himself has regard for the weak – which means that in our times of weakness, he has regard for us.

If you are feeling a lack of strength in some way, talk to God about it.  Be reassured that he is not disappointed in you but is always there for you, even when you feel weak.

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