Bringing our needs to him

‘All my longings lie open before you, Lord: my sighing is not hidden from you.’  Psalm 38.9

The fact that God knows our every longing and sighing can affect our attitude in two ways.

The first is that if he knows everything, it is not necessary for us to bombard him with our needs as soon as we begin to pray.  So often our attitude is that there isn’t much time so we had better say the important bits first – and then we can draw breath.  However, if God knows it all anyway there really isn’t a rush!  Instead we can take time to sit with him and enjoy his love and favour.

The second outcome of God knowing everything about us is that we have an invitation to be utterly honest with him.  Nothing we express is going to shock or surprise him; he has seen everything there is to see about us – every action, motive and inner desire.  When we do share our deepest thoughts and longings with him, rather than recoiling in horror he is probably thinking – ‘at last!’

So if there is something particular on your mind today, try spending a few minutes savouring God’s love and nearness to you before moving on to speak honestly to him about your concerns.

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