He is there, whatever you feel

‘The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.’ Psalm 34.18

This verse states the opposite of what we often feel to be true! When we identify with the term ‘broken-hearted’ – whether it be because of hurt, disappointment, despair or some other setback – we would probably say that we feel the Lord is far from us. We often feel rejected, abandoned and left with a sense that God has left us.

Too often we equate blessing with the approval of God; if things are going well then God is near and happy with us, whereas if things are going badly then he is distant. This is why this verse is so powerful because it reveals a truth that is beyond our feelings: when times are hard, God is especially near.

There may be all manner of reasons why you are unable to sense his presence. Perhaps your emotions are firmly focussed on what you sense you have lost so that they prevent you being aware of what is unseen and yet so close – the saving presence of God. Faith is a wonderful gift from God, given because at times we need it.

When you feel hurt and cannot find God, he is still there; you are not being punished nor are you at fault for not being able to find him. Just hold on!

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