Attracting God

‘The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.’ Psalm 34.7

If this is true, then whatever it means to fear the Lord suddenly becomes very attractive. Who wouldn’t want a delivering angel of the Lord encamping around them?

This psalm goes on to talk about what the fear of the Lord is, and we will look at some of its identifying features over the next few days. Putting into practice what we believe in our hearts seems to be at the heart of it, and in particular letting this affect our relationship with others. It is taking seriously the fact that we bear the presence of God and considering what difference this makes to the way we live.

It might be worth reflecting on the day that has just passed. Throughout these 24 hours, you carried with you the very presence of God. Take a moment to think about the positive difference this made to you – it might even be helpful to write down your reflections as doing this can help you to take them more seriously. When you have done this, a more sobering exercise is to recall those instances when you did not act like someone who bears his presence. Now reflect upon the day to come and ‘see’ yourself going into the hours ahead as someone who bears the very presence of God.

One thought on “Attracting God

  1. Fiona

    Very true statement. Yesterday I was so negative about my work and on reflection I was not carrying the presence if God to those who are in need. Its a new day so today will be a new start. To take Gods grace and mercy with me into all situations. Amen

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