Praying to the God who works wonders

“Who is like you … working wonders?” Exodus 15.11b

It is likely that we all believe that God works wonders; this must be within his capability or he would not be God.  What we are less certain about is the faith that God is going to work wonders on our behalf.  Of course, God sustains us and we are surrounded by his wonders – but could there be more?

We see wonders flowing from the ministry of Jesus – and he foresaw the work carrying on after him.  It is this continuation of his work that many of us are not so certain about.  It may be that we do not feel worthy recipients of such wonders, or it could be that we are only too aware of plenty of people in far greater need than us.  However, by thinking like this we are putting the focus on ourselves rather than on him.  He is the God who works wonders; it is about him and not us.

There is a moment when two blind men went to Jesus and the question he had for them was not about their blindness or why they were suffering in this way, but rather, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matthew 9.28).  His question seems designed to lift their eyes away from their condition and on to him – the one who works wonders and who wonderfully met their needs.

In the end it comes down to attitude.  Too often we approach God with an unspoken attitude of, “I don’t suppose you’re interested in this but I’ll mention it anyway!”  God is not ashamed to be known as the one who works wonders.  This is who he is so let’s recognise it and turn to him.

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