Prayer – not assumption

‘…a synagogue leader came and knelt before him’ Matthew 9.18

This synagogue leader was also a desperate father and his action was to be the key to two beautiful miracles in the New Testament.  He came to Jesus on behalf of his sick daughter (who actually died as the story enfolds) and during the course of the narrative a woman from the crowd touched the cloak of Jesus and was healed.  It all started with two desperate people coming to Jesus, rather than with him looking out for people in need.

The point is obvious – it all begins with coming to Jesus.  However this is a step that can be hard for us to take.  Doesn’t he already know about our suffering and what we are going through?  Of course he does – and he cares about it – but the encouragement of scripture is that we actively cast our burdens upon him (1 Peter 5.7) and don’t assume that he will automatically do everything for us.

Another step for us to take, that might seem even more difficult, is to ask for God’s help through other people – to ask someone to pray for us.  It means admitting that all is not well and that we need the help of others.  Yet, as in the case of the synagogue leader who knelt before Jesus, it is these acts of humility that so often open the door for God to do things in our lives that otherwise he may not do.

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