What will you look at?

‘But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.’ Psalm 3.3

This beautiful statement is set in the context of taunts from the writer’s enemies.  King David’s own son had rebelled against him and was plotting to seize his throne and in addition many of his countrymen had deserted him and joined his son’s side.  Evidently this was a time of some considerable anxiety and I suspect that David was probably looking back over his life, wondering where it had all gone wrong and what he might have done to contribute to the mess.

In the midst of all this, and against the backdrop of the taunts of his enemies, David chose to focus on God as his shield and the one who lifts up his head.  It would have been so easy to look at the negative, but David chose to look at who God is and what he could do for him.

We all face battles of different kinds; ill health, difficult and challenging situations in life or the darkness of our fears and inner thoughts.  You may not feel that your battles are of the same nature as those faced by David but you certainly have the same choice that he had – what are you going to look at?

Are you going to focus on what is on your mind, or will you lift your vision and look at the wonder of God and what he can do for you?

2 thoughts on “What will you look at?

  1. Karen Fong

    A much needed reminder today to fix our eyes on Jesus and living the abundant lives that God has set out for us instead of looking backwards (like the character in Birdman) or comparing our lives with others. Hebrews 12:1-3 “For that very reason, since we have such a great cloud of witnesses around us, we should lay aside every burden, including sin, which easily impedes our running, and run with endurance the race that lies ahead of us. We should fix our eyes on Jesus, our peacemaker and trainer in faith. Instead of the short -term joy that was within his grasp, he endured the Cross, disdaining the shame, and took his seat on the right hand of the throne of God. Just think of the one who endured such hostility towards himself at the hands of sinners. This will prevent you from getting exhausted, worn out in your souls.”

  2. Reena

    my daughter of 5 yrs Old went thru a brain surgery on 26th may due to brain hemorrhage as she fell down from stairs and banged her head. She got a seizure attack due to the surgery as a side effect. Medicine continuing. But I m feeling helpless seeing her suffering everyday. So pls pray for her speedy and full recovery. She is too small and pain is unbearable.
    Pls pray in JESUS’S NAME.

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