It’s OK to think

‘So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals.’ Genesis 2.20

This must have been a fun part of creation!  Lucky Adam getting to choose all the names of the animals!  Presumably he looked at each one and used his reason, imagination and sense of fun to come up with a name corresponding to what he saw in front of him.  It wasn’t the case that God told him what to name each creature, but that Adam was encouraged to choose the names himself.

There are many different aspects to worship and one of them is using our minds.  As we think and wrestle with difficult issues, or study our Bibles, we are worshipping God just as we do when we praise him for all he has done, surrender to his will and listen to his voice.  There may be times when we are baffled, with challenges in the world that seem daunting and some very confusing passages in the Bible, but instead of throwing up our hands in despair and deciding that it is all too much for us – it is OK to think!

Thinking things through and pondering them is all part of our worship to God.  We may still end up as confused as at the beginning, but we will have thought and worshipped him with our minds.

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