Our friend and our God

‘Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”’ John 20.28

One of the most meaningful things in the world is to find the friendship of God, and to know that the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is also our ‘Abba, Father’.  However, if there is one danger of this friendship it is perhaps that we are apt to forget the sheer majesty and wonder of God.

No doubt Thomas had shared many intimate moments with Jesus as they walked down dusty roads, sharing personal conversations.  Yet after he had witnessed for himself the wonder of the risen Jesus, he made this profound statement: “My Lord and my God!”  In other words, this Jesus whom he counted as one of his closest friends was also his Lord and his God.

Wherever you go today, you take Jesus with you.  He is your friend to bring you comfort and encouragement but he is also your Lord and God, with you in every situation in which you find yourself.  It is not just that you are accompanied by your friend, but also by the wonder and power of God that is active and reigning.

Take a moment to let the day ahead play out in your mind.  In every situation, the Lord God of heaven and earth will be there with you.

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