Past, Present and Future

‘Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come’ Revelation 1.4

This powerful phrase gives us a picture of Jesus in his entirety, not as a King currently enthroned on high but as one who spans all of time – present, past and future.  Even more is added to this image: grace and peace flow from the one who stands throughout all time.  Let’s make this more relevant for us!

You may be going through anxieties or difficulties at the moment and perhaps there are things you are not even telling those closest to you.  The hope for you is that grace and peace can flow from Jesus into your present situation.  You also have a past, some of which might bring happiness as you think about it, but some that brings hurt – and perhaps there are even memories that you simply do not want to re-visit.  The invitation is that grace and peace can flow into your past.  The future is unknown, but sometimes fears about what might lie around the corner can cause anxiety.  Again, the hope that you can cling to is that the grace and peace of Jesus will be there.

Grace and peace for your present, past and future flow from Jesus.  He is the source and to find him is to find what flows from him.  Take a moment to hold your present, past and future before him and whisper his name over them.

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