It’s not just a dream

“… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10.10 (4)

There are two common misunderstandings concerning the gifts of God. One is the sense that we have to earn them – if we try very hard then God might reward us with something wonderful. The other is to regard them as things that we have to achieve by our own hard work and effort. Both of these negate the very fact that a gift is a gift.

Perhaps what is most extraordinary about this gift of abundant life is that it is not something that Jesus says he will give us at some time in the future. Instead it is linked to the fact that he has already come to bring abundant life. It is not that he will come to bring it one day when we have met certain conditions, but rather that he has already come. There really is not much more that we can do. The giver has come with his gifts. What does this mean for us?

When you turn to God with the things you need – and he wants you to bring these needs to him – begin by acknowledging that Jesus is with you. The very fact that he is present means that he has come with a desire to bring you abundant life. We find it so hard to believe that we are meant to enjoy this and that life can be different.

Take a moment to find a sense of Jesus’ presence in whatever way you can and worship him for coming to bring you abundant life. It may only seem like words to begin with, but as you persist your heart will follow your lips. What Jesus does is totally up to him but you have started to open the door for his touch.

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