‘And he broke down and wept.’ Mark 14.72

Failure is something with which many people can relate.  For those who stood by and watched the events of the cross unfolding, it must have seemed as if everything had gone wrong and that the mission of Jesus was a failure.  Despite Peter’s protestations that he would always stand by Jesus, we read of how he denied him and then ‘broke down and wept’ bitterly at the realisation of what he had done.

For those of us who follow Jesus, what we think is the end is never the end.  There is always more.

It seemed as if evil had done its worse to Jesus, but his resurrection from the dead stood as a defiant act that shattered all the evil desires of those who sought to silence him.  What they thought had been the end had not been the end – there was more.

When Peter felt the weight of failure and no doubt thought that his life with God was over, his re-instatement and empowering served as a beautiful re-commissioning that was to see him serve Jesus as never before.  What he thought of as the end was not the end – there was more.

If you are tempted to believe that something of your life with God is over because of what you have done or others have done to you, what may seem to be the end is not the end.  It might feel like a brick wall to you, but Jesus seems to have a different attitude to brick walls than us – there is always more!

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