Unanswered Prayer

“Rise! Let us go!” Mark 14.42

These words sound very positive and almost cheerful, yet they don’t really do justice to the suffering that preceded them.  Jesus had been through a time of agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, wrestling in prayer over the events about to happen and facing the fact that what he wanted was not going to be a reality, and yet through the course of the night he found a strength to face what was going to happen.

If our prayers are not answered, sometimes we can feel as if we have failed.  Somehow we have the notion that truly holy people have their prayers answered all the time, yet this passage shows that this was not the experience of Jesus.  In verse 36, we read that he cried out to his Father, “Take this cup from me” – but that was not how it was to be.  However, he was not sent away empty-handed; he was given the much-needed strength to go through with the events that would follow.

This episode says to us that there is always more from God.  He may well have another agenda for your life than what you anticipate – indeed he may say ‘no’ to what you want – but rather than wallow in disappointment, reach out to receive his blessing and strength so that you can genuinely face the future.

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