Friend with Jesus

“Couldn’t you keep watch for one hour?” Mark 14.37

There is something very powerful about this simple question that Jesus seems to ask with such sadness.  In the Garden of Gethsemane, dealing with overwhelming sorrow, it really seems as if Jesus needed his friends and it made a difference that they were not there for him.

I wonder what difference it would make to your prayer life if you felt that Jesus counted you as his friend?  Perhaps you find it quite hard to believe – after all, why would Jesus want you to be with him?  Out of all the people in the world why would he want you to be a special friend?  Yet just suppose this is true!

Perhaps friendship with God is not something that he chooses, but instead is up to us?  It is us that makes the decision whether we are going to spend time with him and how open we are going to be with him.  Jesus has already demonstrated how far he is willing to go for us by entering into this world and dying for us.  Perhaps what he is still seeking is those who will spend time with him as a friend.

As you turn aside from whatever you are doing to spend time with him now – however long or short that time might be – begin to catch the pleasure that he takes in your company.

One thought on “Friend with Jesus

  1. Hazel. Gilbert

    Gosh how wonderful that Hesus wants me to be his special friend, and all if us it takes awhile to sink in, thank you Hazel

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