Being esteemed by God

“These are the ones I look on with favour: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.” Isaiah 66.2

We would all like to be looked on with favour by God; to be people whom he notices and regards favourably.  This verse tells us how – and it is good news!

It is not about being super holy, astonishingly generous or annoyingly loud about our faith!  It comes down to three things and they are all linked and woven together.  It is about being humble, contrite in spirit and trembling at his word.  What these phrases have in common is that they depend upon us regarding God’s thoughts as more important than our own.

There are two main ways in which this is important.  The first is regarding sin.  This is not just about the individual things we do that may be wrong actions, but it is the part of us that continually misses the best that God has for us.  God is looking for our recognition that this is happening; that we are not looking to him and his strength and presence anywhere near as much as we could do.  The second way in which we put our thoughts above those of God is that we so often disregard the wonder of his love for us.  We simply forget it or don’t believe it.

You will be honoured by God if you put his thoughts above your own.  Look at your life and admit to him that there could be so much more if only you looked to his strength and presence more often; and look at his love with gratitude that there is so much more available for you.

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