God’s desire to bless

‘…I blessed him and made him many.’ Isaiah 51.2

Yesterday we looked at the wonder of God’s care for Abraham.  God even called him to be the father of many nations before he and Sarah had borne one child.  What made all the difference to them was the fact that God blessed them and brought about his purposes for them, rather than by their own attempts to bring about God’s plans by deception or their own efforts.

We have also been looking at the fact that the way in which God blessed Abraham is a glimpse into how God wants to bless us.  This is a lovely reassurance that it is God’s desire to put his hand of blessing upon us, and believing this is the first step towards opening the door to receive.

If you choose to go through life with the attitude that God will never bless you, then you will probably miss out on so much that he wants to give to you.  However if you can catch the voice of Jesus speaking to you personally about how he came to give you life in all its fullness, and then make a point of looking for it – not because you deserve it but because he longs to give it – then you will open yourself up to receiving all that he has for you.

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