Don’t Forget!

‘…you forgot the God who gave you birth.’ Deuteronomy 32.18

Today is Mothering Sunday, a day when tradition dictates that we honour our mothers in some way – possibly going out for a meal, being presented with flowers in church or some other small token of appreciation.  I suspect that sometimes mothers might be tempted to think that a small bunch of flowers is a bit tame compared to all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into the role – but at least it is something!

It might appear to an observer that this is the only day a year when we pause to remember our mother and say thank you, but the truth is that we will always bear the reality of being her child and carry something of her throughout our whole life.

In this verse from Deuteronomy, Moses makes a very stark allegation against the people of God: they had forgotten the God who gave birth to them.  Presumably they had forgotten the daily reality of being his child and the truth that they carried something of him throughout their lives?

You may well not go so far as to say that you have forgotten about God, but why not pause right now and remember his incredible love for you.  He has adopted you as his very own dearly loved child, and even if at times you might forget him, he will never, never forget you.

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