Doing the work with perseverance

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” John 4.34

These words occurred in what must have been a frustrating conversation for the disciples.  They were talking about something entirely practical, but Jesus was speaking on quite a different level.  The subject under discussion was about what sustained them.  The disciples were talking about literal food and Jesus about the will of God.  He told them that what fed him was doing God’s will and finishing his work.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for us is not the notion of doing God’s will, but rather of finishing it.  If God were to reveal to us that he wanted us to do something, we would be rather foolish not to do it.  In fact, we would probably set about it with great joy and enthusiasm.  The challenge, however, is to keep at it and see the work through to completion, even when it becomes a slog and when we might not sense the continual whisper of God in our ears or his prodding at our heart.

A challenging question is this: what are the things that you were once called to do but have let slip?  It may be that God has called you to new things, but could it be that due to discouragement or lack of perseverance you have let some of his work go unfinished?

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