God speaks, but through whom?

‘…one God and Father of all, who is . . . through all’ Ephesians 4.6 (3)

If it is true that God is ‘through all’, then there is no person or situation through which he cannot work, act or speak.  The Bible gives us many examples of this: in the book of Isaiah God chose a foreign king to bring about his purposes and Paul quoted a Greek poet to illustrate something of God.

The encouragement to us is that every day there are so many opportunities for God to communicate with us.  The reality is that he is probably seeking to communicate far more often than we are open to hearing him, and his voice might well come through a person or source that we would rather he did not use!

At the beginning of each day, it is worth reviewing the previous day and reflecting on how God communicated with you.  What did he communicate?  How was this communicated?  It could be through any number of means – a verse from the Bible, a casual conversation with a friend or even the rebuke of someone you might consider an enemy.

God our Father is utterly committed to our transformation and it is the way that he is able to bring this about through so many different means that is all part of his wonder.

One thought on “God speaks, but through whom?


    Dear Liz hello, it’s catherine . please ask the intersessors to pray for me, I have been in bed for the past 3 days. I am planning to be out with our 6 yr old son tomorrow and the rest of the week. please pray for me re throat which has felt much better then a bit worse yesterday coming and going. strength, feel too too tired. xxxxx catherine Thomas. my little boy is michael. thank you.

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