Father over all

‘…one God and Father of all, who is over all” Ephesians 4.6 (2)

This very simple phrase brings us back to the staggering truth that there is not one situation or person who is beyond the reach and power of God.  He is over all, including us.

This is so reassuring, but particularly when we note that he is the God and Father over all.  The power of God is based on his Fatherhood, not on the destruction of those who disobey or wander away from him.  It is a power that loves people into change, although sometimes we might wish that it wasn’t like this, at least for other people.  We long for God to deal gently, lovingly and patiently with us, but slightly quicker and harsher with other people!  However he is the Father of us all and treats us the same with no favouritism.  The gentleness with which we long for him to transform us is the gentleness with which he will bring his transformation to all of his creation.

Alongside this we also need to hold on to the truth that as God and Father over all, there is not a person or situation that is beyond his touch or influence.  As you seek to walk with him, he is your God and Father.  Others may seek to walk in a completely different direction, but he is still their God and Father – the one who is gently seeking to bring them back to him, so that he can care for them with the love that sent Jesus for them.

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