Letting his glory shine

‘…all things serve you.’ Psalm 119.91

This simple phrase makes an ideal place from which to start our prayers, whether it be praying for ourselves or for others.

At times we have in mind a picture of a world at odds with God and our prayers can tend to be an entreaty to him to sort things out because we haven’t got a clue what to do.  This verse puts a new perspective on whatever situation you face – all things serve him.  Absolutely everything – every person and every situation – is under the authority of God and ultimately exists to bring glory to him.

This is the perspective we are invited to have as we pray.  We are not caught up in a cosmic battle between God and the world, wondering who will win, but instead we are watching the story of God unfold before our very eyes and in our own lives.  At times circumstances may indeed be confusing – and sometimes it may seem as if God is losing – but the truth is that every situation will serve him and is a part of the revelation of his glory.

So what is the point of prayer?  There is still a battle waging and at times you may feel the fight going on in your own life but, amongst other things, prayer is your surrender to the glory of God being revealed in your life; a means of you standing firm, showing his character and seeing his victory displayed through you.


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