The Father who Heals

“If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” John 14.7

The Bible seems to promise healing to those who ask in faith and naturally many people seek this.  For some it is a struggle as they battle in prayer against a God who seems unwilling to bestow what seems to be promised.  These words of Jesus bring us right back to looking at the Father’s heart since Jesus is saying that to know him is to know the Father and to glimpse him is to have glimpsed the Father.

As far as healing is concerned, the implication of this is that the healing Jesus is also a picture of the healing Father.  When Jesus laid his hands on the sick and healed them, when he spoke a word with authority and healing flowed, he was not operating as a lone agent.  He was seeking to perfectly reflect the heart of Father God and his acts of healing were as much the works of his Father as they were of Jesus.  The difference this makes to us is that when we are approaching God for healing, it is unlikely that he will be reluctant to help – occasionally giving out a dose of healing just to keep us hanging on!  The truth is that we are coming to a Father whose passion, heart and willingness has been beautifully revealed in Jesus.

God’s utter delight is in your transformation and this includes your body, mind, spirit and every part of you.  You do not control the agenda of how and when he will bless you, but you do control how you relate to him – as a Father who loves to transform you or as a harsh God who delights in your suffering.

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