God’s desire for intimacy

‘In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins…’ Ephesians 1.7 (4)

The nature of Christian forgiveness is amazing to the point of being nearly unbelievable! The truth that God, in the person of Jesus, took our sins upon himself and died to take the punishment for them is beyond words.  How often do we take the time to consider why he would do such a thing?

The benefit to us is indescribable, but God forgave our sin for his benefit as well as ours.  Thanks to the forgiveness that we now enjoy, God is able to enjoy the intimacy with us that he so desperately wants.  Without this forgiveness, intimacy would only be a dream for God, but because of the cross it is a reality.

This is what lies behind the symbolism of something that took place when Christ was on the cross.  We are told that the curtain in the temple that separated God from his people was torn in two.  This means that not only are we free to approach God but also that he can come to us; his dream of intimacy is now a reality.

If you are wondering whether you really matter, or whether God really loves you, take a moment to consider how desperate he was for intimacy with you, and what it cost him.  You are truly loved.

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