No distant cousins!

‘In love he predestined us for adoption…’ Ephesians 1.5 (3)

The word ‘predestination’ can sometimes be a very frightening concept.  It can lead folk to all manner of thoughts about whether or not they are actually predestined, and if not – then what?

What is so reassuring about Paul’s concept of it here is that he is speaking about what we are predestined for, rather than who is predestined.  From Paul’s teaching we learn that God only planned one category of followers – adopted sons and daughters.  At times you may feel as if you are a distant relation in God’s family, the branch that you send a card to once in a blue moon when you happen to remember!  However, the truth is that every one of us is an adopted child and of equal value to God as the next person.

The fact that we have been adopted by God – every one of us – is so that we can share in the love that the Father has for Jesus.  This is the family and the love into which we have been adopted – God’s dream and plan for each of us.  In fact, until we are able to fully accept and enjoy this, his love is unrequited and he is left sorrowful.

The love of God is real.  He has given himself totally for this and it brings joy and satisfaction to his heart.

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