The God who strengthens us for battle

“You armed me with strength for battle;” 2 Samuel 22.40

Being in a battle does not mean failure!  Sometimes we feel that life should be a bed of roses, with ‘real’ Christians leading an effortless life without problems or difficulties.  However, this is not a picture of life that any of the characters in the Bible would recognise!  David knew the presence of God and flourished because God was with him, and yet he had an image of God as the one who strengthened him for battle rather than kept him out of fights.

The battles we fight will be different for us all, but generally they are likely to involve temptation, holding on to our faith, struggling with poor health, opposition to what we believe or poor self-image.  To be in these battles is not an indication that we have failed, but a sign that we have something precious to hold on to and fight for.

The good news is that we are not in the battle alone and today’s image of God presents him as the one who strengthens us for the battles.  Whatever you are going through, he is with you; using every battle as a chance to train and strengthen you in the fight.

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