The touch of God

‘…you stoop down to make me great.’ 2 Samuel 22.36

We are given many images of God, but this idea of him stooping down to make us great has to be one of the most beautiful.  It highlights two things about him.

First, it speaks of his gentle care.  He cares for each individual to the extent that he would stoop down to our level to bring a touch of his transforming presence to us. He does not ‘zap’ us from heaven or shout at us from on high, but rather he comes down to our level to bring his touch to each one of us personally.

Secondly, this picture also speaks of God’s commitment to us.  He does not expect us to help ourselves or raise ourselves up in our own strength.  Instead we are changed by his touch upon us.  Whatever your situation, the last thing God expects is that you try to sort it out yourself. His desire is that you admit that you need his help and reach out to take the hand that is offered to you.

All you have to do is touch the finger of the one who stoops down to make you great.

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