‘…he rescued me because he delighted in me.’ 2 Samuel 22.20

These words raise a question worth pondering – what does God think of us?  We often talk in terms of God loving us but this can become so familiar that it no longer has much impact upon us.

Today’s phrase from 2 Samuel speaks about God delighting in us, which has the effect of making the love of God personal for each of us. Delighting in something means that we take profound pleasure in looking at it, holding it and in simply being with it.  This is exactly what the author is seeking to convey, that God takes pleasure in looking at us and being with us.

When the Bible speaks of Jesus’ promise to be with us, he does so not just because his presence is a blessing to us but also because it brings him pleasure as well.  This changes prayer!  Sometimes it’s easy to feel that prayer is about us turning up to keep God happy, but what if it is true that he is thrilled to see us and that it brings him delight when we turn to him?

Wouldn’t this change the way you feel about prayer and spending time with God?

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