Having faith in Jesus

‘In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.’ Ephesians 3.12 (2)

To approach God through faith in Jesus involves believing that everything the Bible says about what Jesus has done for the world is true for you personally.

Perhaps the first and most important step where this needs to be applied is making personal the truth that Jesus died for the sins of the world.  The necessary connection is to acknowledge that as well as dying for the sins of the whole world, he also died for your sins.  Everything Jesus did for the whole world he also did for you.

This principle applies to so much in our spiritual lives.  Jesus is alive and promised to be with us all (Matthew 28.20).  Again, the connection is that just as he is with everyone all the time, he is actually here with you personally right now, as if he were standing by your side.  The Bible also says that the Holy Spirit is interceding for us (Romans 8.26) – once again you are invited to make the connection that his intercession is not simply for the whole world but actually for you.  The Spirit is so interested in you personally that his intercession is specific and appropriate for you and your life.

This is the wonder of God.  He is the one who rules over heaven and earth and yet he is also the one who stoops down to touch you personally; forgiving you, being present with you, interceding for you and drawing you to himself.

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