Worshipping when God says ‘no’

“Do as you promised, so that your name will be great for ever.” 2 Samuel 7.25-26

King David had just declared his intention to build a wonderful temple for God, but instead of being encouraged in his endeavours, the prophet Nathan passed on a rather different message that he felt God had for David. The message stated that it was not David who would build the temple, but his son. Rather than being full of resentment, David accepted what God said and fully surrendered to it.

Prophets may not routinely visit you with commands from God, but God does speak to us every day through prayer and the Bible, and David provides a lovely model for responding. Sometimes, you might sense God delaying an answer to prayer, or even on occasions saying ‘no’ to something. It is very easy to let resentment or even anger build up, but to emulate David’s heart is to turn your face to God in gratitude for all he has done for you, rather than complaining about what he has not done. At the heart of your response is your attitude; do you perceive God as a giver or as a withholder?

It is never a waste of time to pause and reflect on the good things that God has done for you. This guards your heart from resentment and bitterness and is a great way of reminding yourself that God is indeed a gracious and giving God.

One thought on “Worshipping when God says ‘no’

  1. malcolm price

    Yes, it’s frustrating when God does this ,an ideal situation for a spiritual attack, filling you’re mind with doubt.
    we must be on our guard for this,
    it is only for God to decide what or when he does with or in you’re life,
    we must remember, in God’s time, not ours. I’ve learned not to moan,,groan at God, i have to battle with my human feelings when God says no, or changes things In my life, not the way I expected them to,
    but I must pray, and remember, God will give you what you need, not what you want. Thank you Lord for the changes you’ve made in my life. Amen


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