Praying for his glory

‘…let your glory be over all the earth.’ Psalm 108.5

What is prayer?  It is actually many things – but one thing it is not is an attempt to get God to change his mind!  Instead it involves seeking the coming of his glory.  So what does this mean?  It could mean different things in different situations, but at the heart of it, the glory of God is about allowing God to be seen for who he really is.

To pray for the glory of God to be revealed can be very challenging.  Suppose, for example, you are praying for a lonely neighbour.  To pray for the glory of God to be revealed is to pray that the friendship and compassion of God might be revealed to them.  Yet how can such a revelation of God’s friendship be real for them?  The most likely means is by somebody showing them friendship and compassion – and this person is likely to be you.

Praying for people is extraordinarily powerful and a huge privilege, and what adds power to the prayers is when we open ourselves up to be the answer to them.  A challenging but beautiful prayer is this: “Jesus, show me how I can reveal you to those I will meet today?”

2 thoughts on “Praying for his glory

  1. As a new Christian 30 years ago prayer meant suddenly I had somebody to talk to and share my heart soul problems and joys with. Slowly god revealed to me prayer changes us just as you say it was a revelation to me the day I first recognized I was the answer to my prayers

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