Holding onto the vision

‘But David found strength in the LORD his God.’ 1 Samuel 30.6

David was going through a particularly hard time; not only were his enemies attacking him and appearing to gain the upper hand, but also his own family and the families of his men had been captured.  To make matters worse, David’s own men were muttering against him and he was even picking up murmurings that they were planning to kill him.  Panic and desperation would seem to be a natural reaction to all this!

However, today’s verse reveals something wonderful about David’s heart.  The certainty of God’s love for him was so firmly entrenched in his heart that even when things were just about as grim as they could possibly be, he naturally turned to God for the strength he needed.  David had worked out that God was there for him when times were good, and also when times were bad.  In other words, David had a vision of God and he did not let his challenging circumstances affect this vision.  In fact, he went one step further and applied his vision of God to his difficult situations.  The result of David’s resolve was that he won a great victory and all that had been taken from him was recaptured.

Laying aside your own particular circumstances, what is your vision of God?  Hold on to this and apply it to the situations facing you.  Don’t let the events in your life change your vision of God’s love and care for you that the Bible reveals.

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