Being a ‘namebearer’

‘Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the LORD:’ Isaiah 51.1

This is us isn’t it?  Whatever stage of life we might feel that we have reached, there is something within us that wants to be different from how we are at the moment – and we all want to grow closer to God.  These words God spoke through Isaiah are going to be relevant for us as well.

It is worth pausing at this stage to recognise the identity that they give us.  We often think of ourselves as ‘not quite there’ or ‘could do better’ – or sometimes far worse!  Yet if we recognise something of our heart’s desire expressed in these words, then we become different: we are people seeking after God.  Our identity is not about what we do or do not achieve, but rather about identifying ourselves with the one we seek.

We are all ‘namebearers’, carrying within us something of the presence of God which draws us to seek him more and more.  Most of the time we look at what we do not have, but today let’s spend time pondering what we do have.

Take a moment to reflect on what you have – you bear God’s name, he lives within you and you carry his presence.

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