Like perfume poured out

‘…your name is like perfume poured out.’ Song of Songs 1.3

At first this verse seems to be slightly strange, but it is actually very beautiful.  The Song of Songs is a book that can be read on many different levels.  On the one hand it speaks openly and poetically about the nature of love, but throughout the ages it has also been seen as a beautiful description of the love between God and his people.

If you choose to read it with this second approach, some of the verses within it say something very powerful about God’s love.  This verse chosen for today is one such example.

The ‘name’ of God refers to everything about him.  It has been described as God’s revealed nature, or in other words a description of what he is like.  To describe his name as ‘perfume poured out’ is to suggest that it is something meant to be experienced, and not hidden away or stored up for a time in the future.  It really is for now.

God is not present simply to meet our needs, but he receives honour when we turn to him with them.  As you think about your needs now, whatever they might be, what aspect of God do you need to touch them and make a difference?  Is it his peace, his provision or his healing?  His name – all that he is – has been poured out, so reach out to him and let him touch you.

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