He has been there

‘Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.’ Psalm 54.4

This is a day when we can look back at the months and years that have passed and look forward to the days and year ahead.  As we do this, let’s have these words from Psalm 54 undergirding us.

The first word, ‘surely’, conveys the sense that whatever else might be going on, the  following words are certainly true – ‘God is my help.’

This year may have been good, difficult or a bit of a mixture, but regardless of how it has been there is one thing that has not changed: God has been there all through it with you.  Not only has he been there but he has been at work, helping, sustaining and seeing you through – even if you couldn’t really sense it at the time.

If you are able to look back and recognise this, then it will give you confidence to look forward to the year ahead, knowing that God will be there as well – faithful, ever-present and sustaining.  It is likely that the more you are able to see him in the past, the more you will be able to see him in the future.

Spend some time over this day reflecting a little on the past year and turning as many memories as you can into thanksgiving that Father God has been your help and your sustainer.

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