God has come

“I would not have told the people of Israel to seek me if I could not be found.” Isaiah 45.19 (New Living Translation)

One of the most striking aspects of the Christmas story is the extent to which God has gone to reach out to us. He has not set out a complex set of rules which we have to follow slavishly, and only if we get it all totally right will we have a chance of finding him!

The simple truth of Christmas is this: out of his love, and out of his desperation to reach out to you so that you might take his hand, God came to you in the person of Jesus. This is the key point – he has come. You do not have to go looking for him because he is here already. You don’t even have to travel to Bethlehem or look for a stable to find him – he is here already. He also promised that having come, he would be with you forever.

As you spend a few moments pausing ‘before the manger’ right now, remind yourself that Jesus is actually with you; he has come to you and he is waiting for you to acknowledge him.

Pause before him and be still in his presence.

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