The party goes on

“Let’s go . . . and see” Luke 2.15

Christmas day may have come and gone, the preparations may or may not have been worth all the effort, the big day is over – but the truth remains: Christ has come.  These days after Christmas are opportunities for us to echo the feelings of the shepherds – “Let’s go and see”.  It’s a good time to explore the great truth that Christ, God in human form, has come into this world.

It is not just the fact that he has come into the world that’s worth exploring, but actually that Christ is here for us.  What difference does it make to us if we know that at every single moment the one who loved us so much that he came to be a part of our lives is with us?

Perhaps chaos surrounds you, or maybe you are joyful or sad.  However you feel, this statement is true: Christ is with you – in your life and in your circumstances.  Try to make this personal and take a few moments to let it sink in.  Jesus has come to share your life with you and to let you share in all that he has for you.

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