Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas! Everything has changed today!

We joyfully wish each other a Happy Christmas, but the reality is that for many people this may not be such a happy time.  Some may be facing Christmas alone, possibly for the first time.  Perhaps it is a time of anxiety, with little money and few prospects that provide any hope at all.

Yet the phrase Happy Christmas is not just an expression of how things are today.  Instead it is a reflection of how things have changed because of the birth of Jesus. Everything has changed because of his birth – God is here, amongst us and in our lives.

The traditional nativity scene depicting a baby in a manger doesn’t really convey the truth of how much life has changed because of that event.  The truth is that the stable represents your life, and baby Jesus reveals the reality of the presence of God within you.  He has literally come to be a part of every single life; to share in the hardships and the wonder.  Nothing can be the same again.

Happy Christmas means this: you are not alone today.  Out of his love for you, God has come to be part of your life.  Turn to him for a moment and recognise him with you.

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