He trusts us

‘God sent the angel Gabriel to…Mary.’ Luke 1.26-27

We live in a different culture from that of the Bible times, but it can still bring us up short to realise that God trusted a teenager with the salvation of the world!  Of course God was watching over Mary, but any number of things could have gone wrong. After all, she still had her free will – but God trusted her.

He trusts us as well.  Our task may not have the same eternal significance as Mary’s, but nevertheless God places a responsibility upon us all – the responsibility to be a temple of his Holy Spirit and to be people who bear his presence in whatever places and parts of the world we find ourselves.  The nature and extent of our influence will vary from person to person and for some it may seem quite lowly, but the truth remains the same – we are those who carry God’s presence into the day ahead of us.

Take a moment to ponder this responsibility.  Where will you be going today?  Whose life will you touch?  What will you bring to them?  Take this calling seriously because God trusts you with it.

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