He knows

“For my eyes have seen your salvation” Luke 2.30

There is a beautiful moment in Luke’s Gospel when Simeon sees the baby Jesus.  He had been told by God that he would one day see the promised Messiah, and I wonder what he expected to see? What were his expectations of a Messiah?  Did they involve power and glory – or perhaps he expected to see an end to the government that was oppressing the people?

The reality was that what he saw was a baby!  This was the promised salvation of God – a baby!  God had sent something so vulnerable and easy to ignore; seemingly so powerless.

This baby is also our salvation.  The one who entered into this world and experienced what it was like to grow up and struggle with the hardships of being a refugee is our salvation.  Far from being powerless, it is this vulnerability that gives him the power and authority to be our Saviour.

As you approach God today, you can be absolutely certain that he knows and understands the reality of your life.  You are approaching one who actually knows at first-hand the reality of humanity and who chose to experience it so that his call for us to trust him is not an idle call, but rather a reliable voice of love.

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