He will be there

‘He was waiting for the consolation of Israel’ Luke 2.25

These words were used to describe a godly and devout man named Simeon, who was waiting to see the Lord’s Messiah before he died.  Hope is a powerful force. It can give us the ability to keep our eyes lifted high even when our immediate vision is limited or gloomy.

There were probably all manner of hopes for the coming Messiah of Israel, yet the reality of the Messiah who came was utterly different from all the expectations.  The people were expecting a King – and they got one, but quite different from what they thought a King should look like!

We all have hopes and expectations.  This is the time of year when we look forward to celebrating Christmas and to the year ahead; it is a season when hopes run high.  As you ponder your hopes for the days and year ahead, what do you expect?

What you can be certain of is that however the actual events unfold and whether or not things happen as you expect, the promise is that Jesus will be there.  With utter confidence you can seek his presence in any situation.  Nothing affects the promise and the reality of his presence.

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