Dwelling on his love

‘…ponder the loving deeds of the LORD’ Psalm 107.43 (6)

This psalm has been seeking to encourage all people to turn to God with their various needs, and the last words are an exhortation to everyone to ‘ponder the loving deeds of the LORD’.  The word translated as ‘ponder’ or ‘consider’ has the sense of trying to gain understanding.  We might think of it in terms of really getting to grips with something.

Too often we gloss over the love of God, or at least pass over it quickly without doing as this psalm suggests and pondering it.  Lamentations 3.22-23 says: ‘…his compassions never fail. They are new every morning’.  Our ponderings about God’s love should be just as regular and fresh – a daily exercise.  If we fail to do this, then it is all too easy to start to believe that we are simply tolerated and endured by a God who does not really care about us personally.  It then becomes natural for us to follow the commands of God out of slavish obedience, with a kind of “what will happen to me if I don’t” attitude.

God’s desire for us is quite different.  He wants us to discover, ponder, grow in and remain in his love for us.  It is this that changes our relationship with him, for then we turn to him not out of fearfulness, but as his beloved children who delight in his love for us.

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