Change in natural

‘And we . . . are being transformed’ 2 Corinthians 3.18 (2)

Many people are wary of change, particularly when it means that they have to do the changing!  You may look at yourself and what you think God expects of you, and wonder just how hard it is to get to the place where you think you ought to be.

What is so amazing about the nature of this transformation that Paul speaks about is that it is not up to us to get transformed!  It is what happens to us naturally as a result of the God who lives within us.  In the previous verse, Paul said that ‘where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.’  In other words, it is not our action or efforts that bring about this transforming freedom, but simply the presence of God within us.  He is not a static force, simply there to create a sense of well-being; nor is he a constant nag, seeking to get us to change ourselves.  Sadly this is often our sense of who God is – one who is constantly trying to get us to change our behaviour, do better and dwell on our failures.

The Spirit of the Lord is different from this.  He is the transforming presence of God within us, so worship him for his presence, for the fact that he enjoys being within you and because whether you know it or not, he is transforming you.

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