The grace of God

‘ and his grace to me was not without effect.’ 1 Corinthians 15.10

Grace is a word that we use in our Christian faith almost without thinking about it.  We hear it spoken about, sung about and perhaps you even use it yourself without thinking too much about what it actually means and where you are because of it.

Grace is a hard word to define, but at the heart of it is a sense of God’s goodness and strength working in and through us, despite our weakness and without regard to what we deserve.  Throughout his letters, Paul was quick to reflect on how much he was a recipient of God’s grace; he knew he was undeserving and was well aware of his own weaknesses, and yet despite this he knew the grace of God.  Similarly we are all recipients of God’s grace, but how aware of it are we?

If someone were to ask you to give an example of God’s grace in your life – what would you say?  What makes it an act of God’s grace rather than your own strength and ability?  It is by reflecting on what God has done for you that you find yourself more and more aware of the ongoing work of his grace in your life.  It’s definitely worth a thought!

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