Human need, Divine provision

‘The LORD will indeed give what is good’ Psalm 85.12

Throughout this psalm, we encounter some of the glorious words of our faith – salvation, forgiveness, glory, revival, love and faithfulness.  It is in this context that the psalmist declares that ‘The LORD will indeed give what is good’.

At times it is uplifting to raise our eyes above our immediate needs and concerns, and to call to mind these great themes that are on God’s heart as he expresses his love and care for us.  In other words, he is not simply concerned with meeting our immediate needs but with these greater issues in our lives as well.  However, it’s important not be led astray and start to think that he will somehow let our smaller needs go unmet.  He longs to meet these in the context of the greater things that he is seeking to sow into our lives.  He is not planning to give us less than we need – far from it, he is planning to give us more!  We may only see a fraction of what we need, whereas God sees the whole of our lives in the context of all that he is seeking to sow into us.

So what does this mean for us?  We are encouraged to turn to God with our needs whilst also recognising that he is not our slave, simply there to do our bidding.  He is concerned with pouring greater things into our lives, so let’s look for his actions beyond the immediate things for which we pray.  What else is God doing and what other signs of his presence can you discern in your life?

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