Salvation is from God

‘…make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.’ Psalm 80.19

Salvation is an all-encompassing word.  It refers to our ultimate destiny and also to the life that we live here.  It is also about being rescued from something over which we are powerless which is a liberating truth in itself.  If we are saved from something over which we are powerless, then there is nothing we can do to bring it about and it is all down to the Saviour.

However, the whole psalm is actually one of despair as the author reflects on the desperate state of God’s people, yet this phrase occurs three times in it and is a lovely reminder that salvation comes from God as he shines his face upon us.  This idea of the shining face of God is probably a reference to his presence with us.  As he draws near to us and our situations, no matter how desperate they may be, his very presence in the midst of the difficulties begins the process of our salvation.

Find a sense of God’s presence now and tell him about your need, no matter what it is and even if it is a situation of your own making.  He does not expect you to find salvation by yourself and his heart’s desire is to draw near to you, wherever you may be, and lead you out.

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