Your value to God

‘…you were bought at a price.’ 1 Corinthians 6.20

It might seem slightly macabre to imagine that you were kidnapped and your kidnappers demanded a ransom for you.  What do you suppose would be a fair price to put on your life?  How much do you think you are worth?

All too often, especially in moments of rejection, we can feel worthless but Paul’s words stop us in our tracks!  The value of our lives is this – we were worth the life and death of Jesus.  He bought us at a price, and the cost was himself.

This seems unbelievable, and so we get round it by thinking that the life and death of Jesus was the price for the whole of humanity -not for us individually.  This is simply untrue.  When Jesus told the parable of the lost sheep in which the shepherd left the flock to go off in search of the one who was lost, he was declaring the individual worth of the one and not simply the whole flock.

You matter so much to God that he bought you at the highest price he could possibly pay.

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