Recall and meditate

“I will remember . . . and meditate” Psalm 77.11-12

We all have moments when we seem to have lost our sense of the Lord’s presence. Indeed, one of the problems with relying on our feelings is that when they change we assume that the facts have changed as well.  Our feelings can be influenced by many things, but the truth always remains constant – God is here, his presence is with us and he is as close to us as the air we breathe.

So what do we do when our feelings dominate our thinking?  The psalmist has his own answer and in verses 10-12 he talks about the benefit of recalling the wonders of God, whether they are from the history of his nation or the things he has seen in his own life.  After recalling them he suggests meditating upon them, presumably pondering what they reveal about God and discovering afresh the love of God. This process leads him to recognise the truth that God is still above all things and is the one who performs miracles.

Take a moment now to recall something wonderful about God.  It could be a story from the Bible or some way you have seen him at work in your life.  Having recalled it – meditate upon it.  What does this show you about the love of God, the presence of Jesus and about the Holy Spirit?  In what way is this relevant for you today?

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